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The area has a great climate allowing you to enjoy the activities all year round.

Enjoy the diverse range of activities and ever changing environment of the Canterbury region. Enjoy nature at its best away from the crowds and commercialism.


Skiing       (July-October) 

Enjoy the sothern hemispheres most diverse ski region

From commercial groomed ski areas to club fields with all natural offpiste. The Craigieburn range has some of the worlds best freeride terrain and some of the longest fall line skiing. 





Mountain Biking

Enjoy some of N.Z. best riding. 4x4 up to the summit of Porter Heights at 2000m then mtb down to 800m. The amazing Craigieburn single track offers 500m vert of bush, rocks, tree roots and scree slopes. You can try some of our great farm tracks where we take you up by 4x4 so you can just enjoy the ride down and fantastic views of the mountains, plains and ocean.



4x4 Tours

Enjoy N.Z. hIGH COUNTRY  ^ top

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Relax on one of the many lakes or enjoy a journey down the Waimakariri River from the glaciated peaks of the west through the wide river flats surrounded by native bush and sub alpine tussocklands. Pass through the high country stations and into the thrilling gorge and out to the Canterbury Plains in the East. Over 200km of kayakable river of grade 1-3.

For the serious kayak crew there are many famous West Coast rivers. We can take you there for the day. ^ top

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Rock Climbing 

Enjoy the amazing world renowned limestone rock outcrops offering some of the best bouldering and bolted climbs up to 30m. There are hundreds of climbs here and many more to find.

If you prefer Alpine climbing then enjoy some of the Arthur's Pass National Parks' classic, easily accessible multi-pitch climbs free from bolts . ^ top

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There is something here for everyone from a stroll around the limestone rock outcrops or Cave Stream while enjoying the scenic sub alpine tussocklands. A walk through one of the many native forest tracks with the tranquillity of the birds' tunes or follow the streams and rivers up to their birthplace where you will find waterfalls and cascades. Gain one of the summits of the Criagieburn or Torlesse Ranges over 2000m and the panoramic views of the Southern Alps and high country.

Walks/tramps can be from 20 minutes to days the choice is endless. ^ top

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You can follow the summer tracks, trek the ridges or enjoy the classic alpine routes in Arthur's Pass National Park with glacier ascents, ice falls, mixed climbing and ice are all out there and free of crowds. ^ top

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Cave stream offers a unique limestone cave system of more than 350 metres in length. Splash through the shallow waters of the cave by torch light, conquer the small water falls and bath in the still pools at the end. Trip takes around 45mins-1hr. ^ top

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Enjoy the exhilarating power and manoeuverability as you weave your way down the mighty Waimak Gorge. ^ top

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Horse Trekking 

Enjoy a ride over a high country station through rivers and over hills and who knows you might have to round up the stock, from a 1 hour beginners ride to days of back country expeditions. ^ top

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Enjoy one of many top class courses including Terrace downs and clearwater which are two of NZ best. ^ top

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The Waimakariri offers a great opportunity to soak up the high country vistas without the crowds, grades 1-3.

For the adrenalin seeker, how about a day trip to the scenic west coast for a wild grade 4+ rafting adventure. ^ top


Enjoy an abseil down a 30 metre rock face or how about rap running (facing forward/down) so you can enjoy the views of the Castle Hill basin and surrounding mountains with a birds-eye view of the farm animals grazing below. ^ top

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Photography, Painting, Sight Seeing, Relaxing

The unique picturesque landscape offers endless opportunities with its diverse geology, flura and fauna with ever changing lights, colours and shadows over the day. ^ top

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Enjoy the local lakes and rivers or enjoy the unique chance to bathe in the pools of Cave Stream, with the waterfall above leading to the glow of light from the cave entrance. ^ top

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Farm Tour

Take the chance to get a close up insight to farming life. Watch dogs at work rounding up the sheep followed by a sheep shearing demonstration and the chance to see and sometimes even handle other farm animals such as lambs, fauns and calves. ^ top


Enjoy some of New Zealand's classic high country trout fishing in crystal clear pools of the small mountain rivers or try one of the many lakes. For the salmon fisher try the mighty Waimak River where you may get a prize catch. ^ top

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Enjoy camping or staying in huts on one of our many walks or tramps, we can provide all equipment needed. ^ top

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Enjoy a flight from a summit of the Southern Alps for the ultimate panoramic birds-eye view. ^ top

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Enjoy a game on a newly sealed and fenced court, we have a couple of rackets and balls. ^ top


Swimming/Kayaking with the dolphins & seals

If you love the sea and it's wildlife this is a must, imagine the excitement of seals and dolphins diving over your kayak or pushing past you as you swim underwater alongside them. ^ top

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Whale watching

Enjoy a trip to the seaside town of Kaikoura and take a ride out in a boat or plane to see the amazing sperm whales. ^ top

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Hanmer Springs Thermal Resort

Relax in the Hanmer Springs Thermal Resort. While in Hanmer try a bungee if you dare 3-2-1 aahhhh ^ top